Mr. Abdollah Nazemi founded Pars National Ballet Company in 1966. In the four decades since its founding, the company has performed in many cities in Iran, the Middle East, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Nazemi, as he prefers to be called, was born in 1937 in Tehran, Iran. He started his dance career in Tehran in 1954 with the Iranian National Academy of Ballet under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Art. His instructors were William Dollar and Ivon Patterson from the American Ballet Theatre and Anna Cox and Miro and Sandra Zolan, from the Royal Ballet in London. He also studied throughout Europe and the U.S. with various teachers.


Nazemi later became a dance instructor at the Iranian National Academy while dancing and touring with the Academy's performing groups. In addition to instruction at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts for the Ministry of Culture and Art, he choreographed and taught at various academies affiliated with the Iranian Ministry. He has also lectured and instructed at the Ministry of Education in Iran.

Nazemi has produced and directed programming National Iranian Radio and Television, including more than 240 programs of dance and over 56 films, including folkloric, traditional Iranian national dances, modern and classical works. He has also arranged and choreographed dance scenes in Iranian musical films, as well as various other films, including Caravan starring Anthony Quinn. To date, he has choreographed over 40 full-length classical, modern, and Iranian ballet works.

Currently, Nazemi and Pars National Ballet are based in Los Angeles, California. The Canadian branch of the company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia under the direction of his sister-in-law, Azita Sahebjam

In addition to regular performances in Southern California, the company has toured extensively throughout the United States as well as Europe and Australia.